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making affordability possible


Welcome to the IT CARE & CURE ENTERPRISE website. Here you will find information regarding various products of the company which all the products are made affordable for the people. AFFORDABLE will be the bottom line or foundation for any product of the company. Thus the product are guaranteed to be a valuable asset with a huge inputs for an incredibly cheap price. The products will be mainly on IT and its services.

As for the beginning, the company had produced Islamic Media comprising of Audio CD and Video CD based on Islamic themes. The CDs are playable only in a computer using the RealPlayer program. Insya-Allah, in the future the product or services of the company will be added such as webpage/homepage for individual/small & medium company, PC Clinic consisting consultancy/repair/tutorial, and so on with the same bottom line, AFFORDABLE, Insya-Allah.

The main purpose of this Islamic Media products is not looking for profits but to spread the knowledge and virtue of Islam, providing better understanding of Islam thus to make ISLAM as THE WAY OF LIFE, Insya-Allah. The concept of the Islamic Media based on 3 aims:

  1. Entertain
  2. Learn
  3. Charity

Insya-Allah you will feel this 3 concepts in all product of Islamic Media. You will be entertained whereby the contents are interesting, not boring but entertaining. All the contents are useful knowledge and absolutely you will be learning a lot. At the same time, 15% for each CD purchase you will be donating to the needy, Insya-Allah and all the charities done are displayed in this site Sadaqah Jariah once in two months.